Art Assessment Criteria


Christ the King Art Assessment Rubric





Needs Improvement




Exceeds Expectations


Student work does not demonstrate understanding of class content, little effort to personalize work, little thought behind work, no attention to craftsmanship, more then half of assignments incomplete

Student work demonstrates a beginning understanding of class content, occasionally incorporates personal expression or thought, insufficient attention to craftsmanship or some work late or incomplete

Student work demonstrates an understanding of class content, and incorporates personal expression thought, and quality craftsmanship, work is completed in a timely manner

Student work demonstrates mastery of class content, personal expression, ideas, and craftsmanship go beyond grade expectations.


Student is disrespectful or disruptive 3 or more times per class

Student usually follow all classroom behavior expectations, interrupts or disrupts learning 1-2 times per class, occasionally disrespectful

Student follows all classroom behavior expectations, interactions with other students and the teacher are respectful and non-disruptive

Student follows all classroom behavior expectations and actively assist other students with their learning


Student rarely listens during instruction, needs 3 or more reminders to stay on task, and does not help with clean-up

Student usually listens during instruction, stays on task with 1-2 reminders, and helps clean-up only when asked directly

Student actively listens during instructions, stays on task for duration of the class, and begins clean-up at the appropriate time.

Student actively listens, asks clarifying questions or contributes productively, stays on task, and assumes a role of responsibility during clean-up